Smart Inverter Working Group Phase 3 Workshop

Phase 1 of the SIWG developed seven autonomous advanced inverter functions, adopted in D.14-12-035, that will be mandatory for all inverter-connected DERs around Q4 2016, while Phase 2 of the SIWG outlined the default communication protocols that govern how IOUs communicate with individual DERs and DER aggregators. Phase 3 of the SIWG will have two primary goals: (1) to develop additional inverter functionality not contemplated in Phases 1 and 2; and (2) to develop the foundational technical requirements for operational protocols or transactional models that will enable the provision of inverter-based DER grid services, as contemplated in related CPUC proceedings such as IDSR.

The workshop agenda will cover the following topics:

1. Brief review of SIWG Phase 1 functions and Phase 2 communications protocols, and of related CPUC proceedings such as DRP, IDSR, Rule 21, and CAISO stakeholder initiatives

2. Discussion and taxonomy of envisioned DER-provided grid services in an envisioned future distribution marketplace

3. Discussion of possible operational protocols or transaction models that could enable the provision of grid services, and what should be scoped into the SIWG Phase 3 

4. Further categorization of additional inverter functionality to be developed over the course of SIWG Phase 3

The workshop will be live-streaming the workshop at, and will have a conference line open for remote participation at the following number:

Conference line: (866) 830-4003

Passcode:  9869619

CPUC: 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
Event Date: 
Friday, September 25, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00
Focus Area: 
Smart Grid