Policy Goals

CESA pursues its mission through a number of policy and regulatory avenues. Our primary policy goals for the current year are:

Comprehensive Storage Rulemaking (CPUC): ensure the AB 2514-authorized comprehensive Rulemaking (OIR) concludes rapidly, robustly considers all of storage’s value, considers the views of the storage industry, and adopts appropriate storage procurement mechanisms and/or goals for IOUs

Self-Generation Incentive Program (CPUC): ensure that incentives of up to $2,000/ kW and appropriate rules that facilitate grid storage development are adopted for energy storage (per AB 1150 and SB 412)

Permanent Load Shifting (CPUC): $32M (over 3 years) incentives for PLS resources, incl. energy storage, adopted by IOUs in their DR programs

California Loading Order (CPUC and CEC): add storage to the state’s energy resource loading order at the same level as DR

Long-Term Procurement Planning and Resource Adequacy (CPUC): ensure the full consideration and fair inclusion of energy storage in IOU long-term procurement  plans, and in RA valuation

Pay for Performance (CAISO): develop performance-based tariff for energy storage; robust implementation of FERC Order 755 by CAISO

Behind-the-Meter Ancillary Services (CAISO and CPUC):  adopt rules for accessing ancillary services markets from behind-the-meter

Energy Storage as a Mainstream Energy Resource (multi): educate policymakers and stakeholders, and promote the inclusion of storage as a commercially available, cost-effective, mainstream energy resource in all salient proceedings, legislation, including:

         > Long-term procurement plans > 33% RPS implementation
  Resource adequacy FERC proceedings
  AB32 GHG rules Ramping, firming rules
  > Federal ITC > Loading order
  > EPIC > Interconnection, other Dist. Generation

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