DRAM Evaluation Plan Informal Comments Due

Please send your comments to cathleen.fogel@cpuc.ca.gov and copy the Service List to R.13-09-011. This will aid in transparency and discussion of issues across parties.

  1. A number of questions were raised about the definition of terms used in the DRAM evaluation criteria defined in D.16-09-056 or in metrics proposed by Energy Division. We request that interested parties provide a definition for the following terms, and your rationale for choosing one definition over another: “New”, "Viable”, “Competitive”, "Procured”, and “Reliable”
  2. Are the goals & objectives complete (p. 2)?
  3. Do you have any concerns about or suggestions regarding the handling and/or presentation in aggregate form of confidential data (p. 4-5)?
  4. Are there any key metrics missing from Table 1 on pgs. 10-16? Please provide any suggested edits to the existing metrics (you may provide a redlined Table 1 if you wish).
  5. Please provide any specific suggestions about data sources and the granularity at which data is needed (Table 1, pgs 10-16). If not indicated already, can your organization provide any data? Please indicate what data, and include contact information.
  6. What metrics are the most important to demonstrate the success of the DRAM, in your view?
  7. What ones do you see as least important or fully optional?
  8. Do parties have any suggestions or concerns about the proposed overall timeline for the project, or its individual phases (pgs 17 – 19)?
  9. Other comments not covered by the above.
Event Date: 
Monday, March 13, 2017 - 17:00
Focus Area: 
Demand Response (DR) & Permanent Load Shifting (PLS)